Monday, July 27, 2015

The End of Midway

The last little bit of Midway.

Madison shattered Tyler's phone.  We tried heating it up to take the glass off and replace it with some new glass.  It was going pretty well until we broke the new glass on an edge.  We bought another piece of glass, but that broke the phone and we ended up having to buy a new phone.  Boo!

We went to Zupas after being in Provo one evening running errands and going to the temple.  We actually have to buy Madison food at restaurants now that she is bigger.  She had some chicken (which we were surprised she ate), tomato soup, and a roll.  She had a lovely time going out to eat with us.

 Having a jolly good time at the park.

Home made crayons for the drive east.

She looks cozy--too bad this is the photo that went up to sell her bed.  I think she misses her bed.

 It was really hot our last week.  We also wanted to make sure we spent some quality time with Madison instead of packing all the time, so we took her to the splash park down in Provo.  What kid doesn't like water?