Thursday, June 30, 2016

Singing Time

This is at Storyville. It is part of two of Baltimore's libraries.  It's a center in the library for kids 5 and younger.  It has a grocery store, baby area, water are (fake water, little boat, fishing things), theater, music room, kitchen, living room, construction area...ect.  There are books in each room related to the theme.  Madison loves to go it is free!

FHE--Free Pony Rides

Madison and Clark really are the best of friends. I was reading in my room after the kids were in bed.  I thought the kids were asleep.  Then I heard Madison saying over and over, "Go to sleep.  Go to sleep Clark."  The next moment I heard Clark laughing.  Madison is always getting him to laugh.

Nothing is Safe Anymore

The other day he had a party with the key lime pie I had just cooked.  It was sitting by the door on a box waiting to go to the car for a get-together with some friends.  Madison stood watching and laughing.  He also really likes to stand.


For my birthday we went rafting.  The kids (and adults) had a blast.  We drove 40 minutes away, walked for about 20 minutes, pumped up the raft, and then enjoyed the scenery.  It sure is green out east.  Tyler wanted to go again a few days later.


Madison helping pump.





Next time, more snacks.

Photography practice

Madison dressed herself this morning and I realized they were kind of I took them straight into the back to take some photos.  Most didn't come out as I had hoped.  I guess I just need to keep practicing...if only these two would keep still.

Tyler and myself trying to figure out the time on our camera.  We were going to take a family picture, but it was bedtime for the kids before we knew it.

Still need some practice.  Had to stop because Clark started crying.

Bedtime turned out to only be a nap for him.  It's difficult to be angry at him for waking up when he is so cute and happy all the time.  He sure seemed pleased to be able to get out of bed.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Have to watch Clark carefully now.  Madison is telling me "good catch mom" on a daily basis with Clark.

Garden Time

This year we are trying square foot gardening.  Most were planted by seeds.  Finally starting to grow now that it is getting hot outside.  We had to buy the bell peppers because they were so slow to grow.  I only could get one bell pepper plant to grow...only to find out later on that it was actually a weed.  We have tomatoes (4-5 different kinds), peas (climbing the fence), bell peppers, cilantro, BASIL!!!, zucchini, spaghetti squash, cantaloupe (sprouted in our compost), cucumbers, leeks, carrots, rosemary, corn and watermelon.  We will see if there is enough room for all of them.  I'm super excited to see how it turns out this summer.  The last one if of Madison with our first carrot---note--she did her own hair that day.