Sunday, April 24, 2016

Clark's Surgery

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of him.  Too bad he is in a hospital gown with hospital stuff in the background.  We had to get to the hospital at 5:30 am for his surgery at 7:30.  He woke up at 3 in the morning to eat, but I wasn't allowed to feed him, so Tyler was stuck with a crying baby all morning.  He did take a bath, which he enjoyed.  Once at the hospital he was up and we played with toys (they had a room full of toys as a distraction for kids).  At 7:30 I took him back to the operating room and watched them put him to sleep before I left.  Surgery was done around 8:45.  His testicle was pretty stuck high in the abdomen, so the doctor had to make an extra incision on the abdomen to get the testicle.  This also meant he got a block from the anesthesiologist instead of just some local anesthetics.  Once he was awake I was allowed back in the recovery room.  Tyler around this time dropped Madison off at a friends and came and hung out with me.  He was pretty sleepy as he was waking up.  I'm glad he didn't just cry and cry like the kid next to us did.  We picked up some oxycodon for him, but haven't needed to use it.  We have just been giving him Tylenol.  He has been a pretty happy kid too.  He isn't able to straddle anything, sit on hips, no jumpers for the next four weeks.  We have a followup sometime later this week.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Member of the Family

Meet Bob.  He cost $525 new on Amazon.  The person selling it on craigslist was asking for $100.  I offered $160 just to get her to respond to my text as I'm sure many people wanted it.  I probably over paid a bit as it is a little old, but then again, I couldn't find a bob double for less than $200 (and most were listed between $275-350).  So in the end, I might have overpaid, but still saved money from buying a different one.  Madison wants to go for walks all day long.

The fence across from the library

Today Madison and I both work jean skirts. Madison tucked her shirt into her shirt and told me we were missionaries.  Later on she said she was done being a missionary and ready to take her shirt out of her skirt. 

There is this fence with tulips across the street from the library where I've been meaning to bring my camera to take pictures of Madison.  We finally made it today with the camera...the tulips were dead.  We still took some shots.  Photos of my kids has been a learning process.  I pretty much have to bribe Madison with some treat to smile for me.

Tulip Park

One Sunday afternoon we decided to drive over to a tulip park 5 minutes from our house.  Tyler was my model while trying to figure out the lighting on my camera.

First bite of avocado

Mom, I love you sooo much!

We are best of friends.

Wait, what is this green stuff?

Are you trying to kill me?

I think my tummy doesn't feel so good.

You actually eat this stuff for fun?

You want me to eat more?

I love you too.


I decided I was going to document everything we do for one day...the pictures ended before lunch. I do remember getting 4-5 loads of laundry done that day.  Success!

Satisfied as long as there is something in his mouth.

Clark was taking a nap.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lost and Found

I've been looking for some family history names (Emery and Miriam Bartlett) for months now.  The only thing I could find out about them on google was that there seemed to be no information about them anywhere.  Even other people commented on Google that it was impossible to find any information about Miriam.  Sometimes it seems a waste of time after combing through the same information over and over.  When I went home I looked through some family history books my mom has.  Nothing.  My mom was even stumped.  About 40 minutes before my flight home I asked if we could look through one of her boxes that had a family name on the outside.  This box had birth certificates, journals, a signed letter from JFK, war stuff, and a school family tree chart with Emery and Miriam.  It is the only thing we have of them, but all I needed to find them on FamilySearch.  



The Easter bunny came a week late since Madison was sick all last week.  He brought Madison a Little Critter collection book (has 7 books) and some eggs to find.  I'm pretty sure Madison is the worst finder ever!  I had to tell her where the eggs were and sometimes she still couldn't find them.