Sunday, January 13, 2019

It has only been six months. Can you tell life has gotten busier? Almost all of these photos are from my phone, so the quality might not be very great at times.

Madison's school uniforms. She was so excited to try them on.  She really enjoys kindergarten. She has become quite good at reading recently.  I give her credit on her own desire to read more than being in school.  I think now her least favorite part of kindergarten is the uniforms...she wants to wear some other clothes. She also has turned into a braid lover...she is always braiding her hair or someone else's.

Someone in the ward set up a fire station visit for the primary kids.

A friend texted to ask if the baby had come. This was the picture they received in return.

Clark and Madison were seperated at bedtime. Clark was put into our room. Before falling asleep he gave himself a makeover. There was foundation all over my bedspread.

I just need a few minutes of rest to regain some strength.

Well here Jane is in all her glory. I'm just glad she made it out...and not by c-section also.  She weighed 10 lbs 7 oz. Tyler and I were very shocked to find out we had a girl.  We thought for sure she was going to be a boy.

Madison and Clark were SO EXCITED to hold Jane. Madison had a cold when she came to the hospital and I thought she was going to cry when we told her she had to wait until she was better. I'm not sure who loves babies more--Madison or Clark.

At two weeks.

Clark flushed a mint container down the toilet. We got the container part out, but the lid got stuck. Tyler was up until 1 Sunday morning taking the toilet apart to fix it. I'm glad I married such a handy is our landlord.

You can't have a baby without some blow outs.

First day of school.

Happy birthday Clark. 

Madison spelling some words at a spelling bee at the Inner Harbor.

Clark sitting on a bed of nails at the Science Center.

Johns Hopkins had a pumpkin patch event going on. I took Jane and Clark.  I promised to pick up a pumpkin for Madison.  We arrived at a great time--we grabbed the pumpkins we wanted (they were all scattered on a quad) and sat in some seats as we saw college students grab pumpkins at an incredibly fast rate.  Some friends that we met didn't make it in time to get a pumpkin.

Clark wanted to ride on the tractor.

One day I was walking the kids home from school when from across the street I saw the swat team lined up next to my neighbors house.  They ran to my other next door neighbor and went inside. While they were inside I ran my kids up our stairs and into the house. I don't think they found what they were looking for as they came out a little while later.

I love this picture of Jane. 2 or 3 months old. You know your kid is cute when multiple strangers tell you every day. It helps that she is such a smiley girl.

Ward trick or treating

Every year for Madison's birthday we go the the pumpkin patch. They have these slides with burlap sacks, animals, a maze, and small haunted house.

Jane at physical therapy.

Getting our Christmas tree.  We went to the same place as last year, but this year was so much better not being pregnant.  We bought a blue spruce and I loved it.

One of the ornaments we picked up for our ugly ornament party.  This was by far the worst one at the party.

Tyler had my double stroller in the car on accident.  Luckily I found this stroller in our basement. On our way to get Madison from school. Most days we walk.

Why spend money on toys when you can put your kids in a diaper box and push them around? Even Jane is having fun.

Love this photo! 

Tyler reading to all the kids at night. Clark and Jane are out, but Madison (just outside the picture) is listening intently.

For the most part we are holding off on giving Jane table foods.  We have let her sample some apples, fruit leather (I was gone to feed her), oranges, bananas, and avocados. I think she is really going to like food..she gets a little angry when you take it away.