Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random photos from Tyler's phone

Here are some random photos from Tyler's phone

This was one gusty morning

On Conference weekend we took a break between sessions to go for a walk.  Madison decided she wanted to push the stroller.  Nowadays, in the store, Madison likes to get out and push the carts in the store while we hold her.  She's not very good at steering yet but complains vehemently as soon as anyone else touches the shopping cart handle. 

Don't worry, this one is from the summer, when it was warm.

Madison's Birthday and 1st Snow Day

A little surprise was left for us in the bathtub.  Compliments from Madison.

This is the view outside of Madison's window.

Excited for a walk.

The jacket and hat were birthday gifts.  Thanks mom and Jeni.

This was a hay castle at a corn maze that Tyler and I went to.

We had a great time at the corn maze.

We decided to spring for the haunted hay ride.  This farmer would pause every minute or two to get out and tell us spooky stories by props that would jump out.  It was more fun than scary.  The ride was a little late and the farmer felt bad that we were going to have to wait and so in trying to help us find something to do to pass the time while we waited, he suggested that we go find a dark tunnel in the hay castle and make out.

This was a birthday shirt from Grammy.  Fits great! (18 mo. shirt)

I found this recipe online and it has been fantastic.  We both love it, it makes good sandwiches, and it uses 100% whole wheat.

Another cute outfit from grammy.  Getting ready to go to church.  Notice the purse in her hand.  She'll carry them around all day long if we leave them where she can get them.

It stayed unseasonably warm for a while.  Here we are taking advantage of the warmth.

First taste of a cupcake.  You can see the fireworks going off in her mouth by looking at the expression on her face.

Our gift to her for her first birthday.  From the dollar store and she loves them!

It was really fun when Richard and Camille and their children dropped by for a few hours to visit.

Birthday cake.

In the end, she never finished the cake.  She stopped eating it in favor of some pineapple that was nearby.

This was our first big snow day and Madison was enamored with the snow.