Thursday, March 12, 2015

Madison's New Haircut

Nothing good comes from leaving Madison alone.  We had some friends over and Madison decided to go for a trendier look.  We aren't doing anything about her haircut for 6-8 months.  Maybe then we will give her a bob.

The Tricycle

Some people in the ward gave Madison this tricycle last fall when we went and borrowed a rake.  Madison has been practicing and getting really good at riding it.

The Kiwi Lover

What happens when you aren't watching Madison...desitin.  She seems very pleased with her work.  She also likes to put desitin on her babies.

It's not often, but we let Madison watch part of a movie.  We watched Tangled.  Madison wasn't willing to share, so she was demoted to a smaller bowl.


I bought Madison some kiwi to try for the first time.  She ate the first, then wanted the second.  When it came to the third I asked if she wanted to wait until Tyler came home to share and she informed me that she wanted to eat it then.

Later on I caught her trying to eat the peel out of the trash.

I bought Madison some duplos on Ebay.  She has loved them!

 We had to wash them because they smelled like smoke.  The first thing Madison wanted to do when she woke up the next morning was play with the duplos.

 She also really enjoys painting.


Trying a German chocolate cookie recipe to take to a family that just had a baby.  They didn't taste very good, but we took them anyways because I didn't want them at our place.

Madison's job was to frost the cookies.

An afternoon at the park

We had a warm spell here in Midway.  Naturally, we went to the park.  Madison rode her bike to the park and Tyler met us a little while later after school ended.

 Which way should she go down?


Time for the swings.


 Dad teaching Madison how to climb.