Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Madison's Second Christmas

Being treated to Cafe Rio by the Burkes for an end of the semester celebration.

Found these awesome nativity hand puppets while we were at the Snyders.  Hopefully I can make some similar ones in the future.

On our way to Utah State to work on Christmas gifts.  These made for some long days with Madison.

The first time Madison and I rode the bus. It was quite pleasant.

One of the gifts we made at school. (By we, I mean Tyler made while I tried to entertain Madison in the wood shop.)  This was for Clarice.

We thought Madison would like to go outside and play in the snow after having so much fun her first time.  This time we pulled her around in a Huggies box...she didn't seem to enjoy it.  This picture was taken right after the box tipped and she went face first into the snow.

She loves to brush her teeth.  She doesn't like anyone helping her brush her teeth.

Madison passing off an ornament.

Some snowy weather made awesome views.

Check out the snow on top of the grey bin.  All that appeared in one day.

Madison loves her bath time.

The Burkes gave her a new towel for Christmas.  It was perfect timing as I had mentioned to Tyler a few days before that we needed to get her a bigger towel than the baby one we were using.

Tyler is always trying to use other peoples towels feigning ignorance about who the towel belongs to.  I would like to see him try to use that excuse here.    

Not every moment is a happy moment here.  Madison's Christmas dress from Jeni and Steve.

We wanted to create a Christmas Eve dinner tradition, but didn't want ham or turkey.  We ended up with flank steak pinwheels, twice baked potatoes, and other delights.  It was very enjoyable. 

Madison was able to open up a gift on Christmas Eve.

"Mom, I think it's a DVD!"

"What, dad?  I can't watch it?"

I think she is ready for bed.

Once she was in bed we set up her blocks that we made her.

Thank you Home Depot clearance wood pile ($1.50 and $5 for a wooden dowel) and Utah State wood shop.

On Christmas morning Madison opened up a hat from grammy and wanted to put it on.

Yay for new clothes.

Madison likes to put the olives on her fingers before eating them.

Tyler made me an awesome cutting board.  I bought him lots of wood clamps, so he can make me more stuff in the future.

The look Madison gives you when you have something she wants. (a camera in this case)

Madison likes to sit on the window sill and look at herself in the mirror across the room.

We went up to the Ame's house for a few days after Christmas and had a delightful time playing games and socializing.  Tyler's parents even secured a crib for Madison, which made a huge difference in putting Madison to bed at night.  

Madison was having so much fun she didn't want to go to bed.