Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Year Married

Today marks 3 years married.  After our wedding we tried to go to In 'N Out for some lunch before our reception.  The line was too long, so we never got our fast food on our wedding today.  Enter the 3rd anniversary and we finally got our wedding burgers.  Romantic right?  There aren't tons of place to eat here in Heber/Midway.  You have to go to Provo or Park City and I didn't really want to drive.  Dairy Keen is supposed to be the best local cuisine, so we decided to try it out. 

They are all about trains at this place.  They had train toys for the kids, trains moving throughout the restaurant on tracks near the ceiling, a Harry Potter train, and a train to eat on outside.  Madison loved playing with the trains.

They also had a lego table to keep kids occupied.

Daily Walks

Madison talks about going outside and going on walks from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.  We spend lots of time outside.  Recently we have gone for walks when it is 30-40 degrees and she refuses to wear a coat! Let me take just a moment to clarify that her idea of a walk does not involve her sitting in her stroller.  She wants to meander aimlessly while I follow behind.  She is also very insistent that I not only follow, but that I follow with the stroller--just in case she wants to spell her walk with a brief break in the stroller.

Playing with leaves in the backyard with Tyler.  

               Midway is beautiful!  I don't think Tyler can ever get enough of the mountains.



One night it was so cold we made cocoa for FHE.  Needless to say, Madison liked it.

Our neighbor's house.  It was build in the 1890's.  It is on an acre and includes a barn and some other old buildings.

The barn

Storage room.

This is a vacation home to some Californians.

There are really old apple trees.  Someone told me they are snow apples, but I've never heard of that type before.

The trees are starting to change colors.  (Look below for the tree a few days later)

Midway was settled by the Swiss and many buildings have a European feel.

Some other old houses on Main Street.

Madison likes to feed the horses grass on our walks.

This house is under restoration and is owned by the same foundation that owns our house.  Our landlord said we could have first dibs on any house that opens up since our rental is for sale.  If this one ever finishes I would love to rent it for a while.

Madison loves to pick flowers.

A bouquet of dandelions.

Madison discovered her birthday gifts from my mom under my bed.

She received books.  The next day she grabbed her other gifts under my bed and announced "books" without even opening the gifts.

She loves to play with beads.

Getting ready for bed.

On Saturday for conference we made apple cinnamon rolls out of pizza dough.

The finished product.  We were able to eat within an hour of making them.

An activity to keep Madison busy during conference.  This lasted for about 3 minutes.  The rest of the time Madison played with her beads.

She liked to watch the choir.

We get lots of compliments on Madison's eyes.  Today we had someone across a restaurant compliment Madison on her eyes.

On a walk between sessions.

The tree a few days later.

One of my favorite houses is right around the corner.  It is a vacation home for someone in Salt Lake City.  They even have a full time gardener.

A view from a hill a block away from our house.