Sunday, November 2, 2014

Madison's Birthday Party

One of the first things we did on Madison's birthday was walk to Tyler's school to pick the car up.  I really wanted to get Madison a balloon.  We stopped to look at the cows.

I thought it would be lots of fun for her to have a balloon.  Once we picked the car up we headed to Dollar Tree for the balloon.  Unfortunately, they had just run out of helium.  Upon Dollar Tree's suggestion, we drove to the other side of town for the "cheapest balloons" (outside of Dollar Tree).  Not so cheap if you ask me...I was sorely disappointed.  Their cheapest were $2 plus the cost to blow the balloon up.  So I ended up driving back to Dollar Tree to see if I could just buy the balloon from them.  I got it for fifty cents.  Then I walked over to Walmart and filled it for another fifty cents.  I know I didn't really save money once you take into account the cost of gas, but I just don't like to feel ripped off.

Madison had a blast playing with it once we arrived home.

For dinner we made pizza.  I was planning on something else, but it turns out I didn't have everything.  My sisters Kendra and Gillian and neighbor Lois came over for dinner.

She still doesn't know how to blow out of her mouth, only her nose.  I've tried to teach her, but she can't quite get it.

Mouth beginning to water...

She didn't blink until there was cake in front of her.

Time for presents.

After the presents, we carved pumpkins.

I think she liked pulling the insides out.

Then she tried to wipe her slimy hands all over me.

We thought it might be best to let her paint her pumpkin.  I was more interested in cooking the pumpkin seeds...yummy.

Kendra and Gillian made an owl and came up with pick up lines. "I've been thinking about you owl day long."  "Hoos yo daddy?"