Sunday, August 31, 2014

Swiss Days

This weekend was Midway's famous Swiss Days.  Midway has a population of about 4,000 and 60,000-100,000 people come for the two days.  It's a bit crazy living on Main Street with all the traffic.  The city even put this awesome sign outside our house.  I'm hoping they put Christmas lights on it in the winter.  (I think it could be lots of fun for Madison if the city decorates Main for Christmas.) 

They had a fun parade on Saturday morning.  Our seats were right at the beginning of the parade--I've decided it's the way to go.

They had some other huge Clydesdale horses also and a pig.

It wouldn't be a little town parade without a few tractors.

Madison loved the parade food--a popsicle, two pieces of candy, and a cookie.

Eating Navajo tacos.  Tyler isn't smiling with his teeth because his mouth is full of food.

My awesome nylon shirt I received for volunteering at the Swiss taco booth.  The Church sells lots of food at Swiss Days.  Each booth is assigned to a ward.  All the money (and a lot of it might I add) goes to the missionary and welfare departments.  A navajo taco cost $8!  Seems a bit ridiculous anyone would pay that much for a taco, but there was always a line.  People were lining up nonstop.  Even I was willing to buy some since I didn't want to make dinner (my shift was from 4-6).  We lucked out and the church gave us a ticket to get food from any of the booths for free.  Tyler was working the next day and they gave us Tyler's ticket early for us to eat together.  Sweet deal!  

There are lots of artisan booths.  Tyler really wants a cowboy hat and boots (why waste our money is what I say).  This hat is made from kangaroo skin.  It only cost $140.  We soon had to leave the booth as Madison was pulling all the hats off the shelves.

Here is Tyler during his shift--he had the job of frying the bread.  The oil is 400 degrees...pretty hot.  The church gave us more free tickets so Madison and I could eat while Tyler was working.  We just waited until he was done to go eat.  (Acutally, Madison didn't eat anything, but waited until we got home to eat.)  Tyler's shift started at 2.  After eating, I stayed to help clean up.  The tacos were suppose to end at 6, but they kept going for a long time after that.  It takes about 4 hours to clean up the taco booth.  Since I had a cold, I helped another ward wash dishes until the food was all done.  I came home around 8:30.

Madison helping dad get the dolly to move a fridge.

Tyler made home made noodles for chicken noodle soup.  The soup was super delicious.

Tyler had yet to learn that you can't turn your back on Madison in the kitchen.  That is ALL my corn startch might I add.  

Earlier in the week I was put on two antibiotics for bacterial infections, and I had a cold to top things off.  One of my antibiotics is metronidazole and it is the worst tasting medicine I have ever had!  Usually I don't have problems swallowing pills, but these just taste so bad I have to choke them down.  I know they can make medicine taste good--some kids think medicine is so good they eat it like candy when they aren't sick.  Anyways, after spewing my water this morning and choking this stuff down, Tyler mentioned that I should just think more positively and tell myself that the medicine tastes good as I try to swallow them.  Dreading my pill tonight, I thought of Mary Poppins and how a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.  This inspired me to place the pill in half a rolo, as shown in the picture.  I couldn't really swallow it as it was a bit big, so I cut the sides of chocolate off and voila it went down much easier. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Photo Dump

Here are some oldies, but goodies I pulled off my phone.  It is fun to see how much hair Madison has grown in the past year.  Almost all of these photos are in Smithfield.

Caught red handed.

Valentine Day--there was a renewed interest in the fruit salad after everyone was done eating.

Playing the piano with cousins in California.

She loves to wear glasses.