Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caught Red Handed

I went to take a shower and came back only to find her right in the crime of thumb sucking.  She has figured it out and loves to put that thumb into her mouth.  Sometimes she gives that thumb a break and goes for the other one.

For Presidents Day we decided to test out her new stroller at Rock Canyon.  It was a warm 32 degrees outside.  My mom bought her these boots a while back.  Her feet are a bit small, but her legs are almost too big for them.

This is our new jogger stroller.  Neither of us really jogged in the past, but thought it would be low impact for Tyler's knee since the surgery.  I'm not sure what we were thinking about trying it up hill in the snow.

The ride was really bumpy, so I have no idea how she was able to sleep.  When we got home we looked up  shaking  baby syndrome and decided not to take her for a stroll up the canyon during the winter again.

Tyler took a pushing break to climb the wall.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

Long before Tyler and I dated he knew I wanted dark haired kids with blue far so good.  All Tyler has asked for is a chunky baby.  It looks like he is getting his wish. 

The awaited day has finally come:  Goodbye oxygen and apnea monitor.  I will not miss you!  What a different experience it is to be able to take her anywhere in the house without a cord tied to her.  Most people don't even think twice about moving a baby room from room.

Take a good look at that face without tubes!

She doesn't seem to be a very photogenic baby.  She smiles...just not when the camera is out.

The dream of every Sunday school class.  I've been teaching for the past couple of years and try to make them cookies for Valentine's Day.  Last years class was cheated out of their cookies, but I didn't want to make sugar cookies for 100+ women in Relief Society (we had class in the chapel because we were so big).  This year I downgraded the cookie size.  I use to make huge cookies, but it just took too long to bake and frost.  These still took quite a while, but were super good.  The secret?  I put 1/2 cup of sour cream in them.       So good that Tyler received a text about them during my class.  Really?  I make you cookies and then you text my husband when you should have been listening?  At least I didn't see it.

I had Tyler take some cookies to Kendra in the MTC.  We would have given her more, but the gnomes at our place seemed to eat them when we weren't around.

I'm kind of jealous that Tyler gets to see Kendra in the MTC.  

Kendra's name tag--CRAZY!  She is learning Khemer (going to Cambodia) and says it is one of the longest alphabets--33 consonants, 32 subconsonants, and 25 vowels, or something like that.  At least she is artistic and can mimic the letters.  I would have been in big trouble trying to write out their alphabet.

Mmm...rolls make me extremely happy.  My roommates said they loved being around me when I made rolls because I would get so excited.  These are a favorites of mine and are really easy to make.  I only made half on Sunday because I knew I would eat them all if I made a whole batch.

We bought Madison a play gym as she is more attentive.  It has music and lights and she seems to really enjoy it.

 We made a Valentine's dinner as you always have to wait longer for your food if you go out to eat.  We pulled out our wedding china for the occasion.  You can't see it very well, but I made Tyler a lime cheese cake.  I made them in small dishes as I'm not a huge cheese cake fan and I knew Tyler would eat the whole thing if I made a big one.  We had asparagus, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, and grilled some steak.  Instead of gifts we are going to go to St. George and hike for President's day.  I don't really like flowers or chocolate on Valentine's days....I'm not really interested in getting something just because it is expected for that holiday.  I double checked to make sure he wasn't getting me flowers because honestly I would have chosen a bag of dirt instead so I can begin sprouting for my garden this spring.  Dirt might not sound romantic, but it would have made me happier than flowers.

Some cards I made for V-day.  Next time I would use nicer paper, but I was in a rush to get out of the store and this was the first paper I saw.

Madison loves to chew on her hands, although she isn't really chewing on them in this video.  She is most definitely going to be a thumb sucker.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The price of sharing a baby blanket: fist in the face

On Tuesday nights I work at the MTC until midnight.  Often when I come home Lauren is still awake doing something productive like she always does (I really admire that about her).  Last night I got home and found the most heartwarming scene.  Madison and Lauren were both conked out on the bed, both so tired that neither cared that Madison's hand was in Lauren's face.  Lauren has also been getting over a cold, hence why her mouth is open.  Here are the pictures that I had to take!

Take notice of Madison's bald spot.