Friday, December 30, 2011

First Christmas

Tyler and I went to Tucano's for his birthday.  We only go when we have the free meal for a birthday.

We spent our first Christmas in California.  It was delightful weather if even some may say it's not a white Christmas.  We returned on Christmas day to Provo as I had work early the next morning.

Who needs a snowman out of snow when you can get one out of plastic?

Tyler's mom gave us there pajamas.  Tyler was super excited about a matching outfit because usually if we match I go and change my clothes.

Before we went back to Utah, we hit a pinata to celebrate clarice's birthday.  Tyler smashed that pinata like I've never seen a pinata get smashed before.  Please notice the amazing amount of tone in his forearms.  No wonder he knocked that pinata into the next day.  What a man I married!