Sunday, April 27, 2014


Last week was Easter and we began the day working over at the Snyders.  While I was doing some work, Madison and Lauren were out playing in the yard and driveway.  We took some toys for Madison.  She is really proficient on this car/bike of hers.  As you can tell from the video, it moves just by wiggling the steering wheel.  Madison loves it and rides it all around our kitchen and the sidewalk in front of our house.  The video is in the Snyder's driveway.

 Easter Saturday by trying to find some easter eggs.  We hid them while she was napping and when she woke up there was candy everywhere!

 She was quick to fit all she could into her mouth.

And she wasn't about to let us tell her to put the candy into her basket.  That glare that she gives the camera is a new look.  She just started in the last week or two and often reserves it for strangers.

 Later in the day we took a family bike ride over to a local park and blew bubbles, played on the playground equipment, and watched the stream go by.

 Everytime Madison goes to the slide, she has to pass by this wheel and every time she passes it, she stops to turn it once or twice.  It made it easy to get into picture taking position.

 Sunday morning we dyed some Easter eggs with a mix of hot water, vinegar, and food coloring.  She wore one of Lauren's kitchen aprons.

To finish the Easter Saturday, the Snyders had us back over for dinner.  On Sunday we covered the Atonement and Resurrection.  Unfortunately, both parents were involved in trying to make it a success and no extra cameraman was hired.  Sorry, no pictures.

Here are some others from the past week, since Easter:  She loves to push people on anything she can find.

 This is a game of peek-a-boo.  She loves to hide and then pop out.

18 months old today.

 She really enjoys reading books

 These are the hand motions to push up a smile that we do when we sing, "If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it..."  Usually there is a hand beneath each cheek but this time she has a lollipop than cannot be dropped.

The life of a toddler

Sleeping with her teddy bear.

It is difficult to brush teeth without any hands.

 She loves to read.

Her favorite reading spot--right above her couch

Going to visit the hot tub on a cold day.

She is a very good helper and likes to clean.

Opened up a bag of ring pops at the store, so mom bought them.

Dumping out all the wasn't very happy.

Madison showed no interest in sitting in her chair when it was attached to the table.  Apparently it is more fun to sit in on the floor.