Monday, May 30, 2016

8 months old

Today we had the ward Memorial BBQ.  Tyler was in charge and I think he is just glad to be done with it.  I really wanted to get some pictures of Madison and Clark together, but Madison didn't want to leave her friends.  I dont think I've taken very many pictures of Clark as a baby.  Here are a few.  He just turned 8 months two days ago.  The first one is my favorite.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pony Rides

Come to our place for FHE and Madison will give you a pony ride.

Laughing Little Boy

He is such a happy one.  He should have been in bed, but instead I was poking my head into  his stomach.

Maryland Zoo

We bought a zoo pass in February.  It has been well worth it.  We go once or twice a week, usually with a friend.  My favorite part is the giraffes.  They are such graceful animals.  They put the lions and giraffes next to each other (the lions can see them walking by) to help keep their predatory instincts...its pretty common to hear the lioness roaring.  The first weekend of the month members get in early and can ride the carousel and train for free. Tyler had to pull Madison from the carousel crying.  I had my camera, but forgot the memory card, so these pics are from a different day.    

Wild buttercup flowers grow everywhere here and Madison loves to pick them.  We stopped for a minute from the zoo to our car (Zoo has free pretty much park on the grass).  I wanted to get some pictures of Clark, but he fell asleep in the stroller right as we exited the zoo.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Birthday Party

Madison was invited to a birthday party at the Maryland Fire Museum.  I read online that this museum made the top 5 museums for kids in Maryland.  They had a room to dress up and play in with various fire truck toys and even a real one for them to climb into.  Then all the kids went outside to ride on a real old fashion fire truck.  Next was pizza and cake. Madison was the last kid eating (no surprise).  Afterwards we walked around the place and looked at the old fire trucks.  It was a fun party.  I'm glad we were able to all go and see the place.