Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Nap

A Sunday nap was much needed here today.  Clark was up 4 times between midnight and 6:40.  I stayed up at the last time baby awakening to get things ready for church.  I could barely stay awake during stake conference.  Madison pretty much had a melt down at church.   Everyone was suppose to nap after conference.  During the beginnings of the nap Madison was kicked out of our room for repeatedly poking me.  After what seemed to be only a few minutes of sleep I had to get up and feed Clark.  Once awake, I thought it was important to see what trouble Madison was up to.  She had found my makeup bag...  That ended my short nap.  Tyler and Clark were the only ones to manage some rest.      

She was pretty pleased with herself.  I didn't mind, except for the lipstick on her dress, which she wore for the first time today.

I have to admit I'm impressed with her mascara application on her lashes.  I like the added touch on her nose.


Fall has been beautiful here.  There were some trees with vibrant red leaves that I wanted to get pictures of. Unfortunately, I procrastinated and then the leaves fell off before I had a chance.  This is our neighbors tree.

The Downstairs

I know people have been curious what our place looks is the main floor...finally.  One day I will get pictures of the upstairs.

Sweet Potato Harvest

This was our first harvest batch.  They weren't as sweet as others we bought, so we decided to leave the rest in the ground until the first frost.

Time to start digging.

This was one of the bigger ones...the plant had migrated to deeper soil.  The others that grew where we planted them weren't as big because the soil was a bit more shallow.  Now we know to dig deeper for next time.  In the end we had about 40 potatoes (the majority were on the smaller end).  

Family Home Evening

We carved Madison's pumpkin for F.H.E..  On one side there was a face carved, the other we used a drill (pintrest idea) to create a design.   


A photo break.

Back to work.  The ladle was really ineffective at removing seeds.  However, Madison didn't really want to try anything other utensil.  

Photoshoot of Madison

I still get people complimenting Madison's eyes all the time.

One of the above get lots of sleep.  The other not so much.

Clark's Clothes Deal

I can't remember if this was posted or not, but here is our stash of clothes for Clark.  We bought all of these used while we were still in Utah.  In the end we paid somewhere between $0.25-0.33/piece.  There are a good amount of onsies, but also sleepers, pants, sweaters, jackets, and some socks.  We paid about $120 for everything.  It's nice to have something for him to wear without breaking the bank.