Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Nap

A Sunday nap was much needed here today.  Clark was up 4 times between midnight and 6:40.  I stayed up at the last time baby awakening to get things ready for church.  I could barely stay awake during stake conference.  Madison pretty much had a melt down at church.   Everyone was suppose to nap after conference.  During the beginnings of the nap Madison was kicked out of our room for repeatedly poking me.  After what seemed to be only a few minutes of sleep I had to get up and feed Clark.  Once awake, I thought it was important to see what trouble Madison was up to.  She had found my makeup bag...  That ended my short nap.  Tyler and Clark were the only ones to manage some rest.      

She was pretty pleased with herself.  I didn't mind, except for the lipstick on her dress, which she wore for the first time today.

I have to admit I'm impressed with her mascara application on her lashes.  I like the added touch on her nose.