Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family Pictures

While we were in Los Angeles we had my brother-in-law Steve take some pictures for us.  It was extremely kind of him to do this for us.  Some of my more favorite pictures are at the top of the blog.  It was pretty bright outside and a bit windy at times.  Madison tried really hard to smile to get her piece of candy and gum. By the end nothing could bribe her.

Sunny California

The day after Christmas Utah was hit with a huge storm.  We headed out early in the morning to sunny and warm California.  The snow stopped a little before we reached Saint George.

All of my family was in Los Angeles for Christmas (we came a day later).  Richard and Camille left the day after we arrived for San Francisco for their 10 year anniversary.  Madison had lots of people to play with.  She spent most of her time with Hazel.

One day we went to Hahns Park, which is where we took our engagement photos.

You had to keep an eye on Lola as she has a tendency to pull hair.

Madison wanted to run back and forth on the bridge.  We though it was a good way to get some energy out.

The one thing I wanted to do in LA was go to the zoo.  We took Madison last time we were in CA, but she had a terrible diaper rash and wasn't feeling well...I was hoping for a better experience this time.  The best part of the zoo is their kettle popcorn.  My dad always gets a big bag and it seems to go disappear before I'm ready. Look in the back of the picture.  We are petting the goats.

Madison wanted to pretend she was sleeping.

So sunny and green in LA.

We let the kids run around at the zoo park for a while.  They loved it.

A little story time from Grandpa.

I wanted to take Tyler to experience something new in Los Angeles.  I took him to the famous Tito's Tacos.  The line was extremely long and our tacos cost about $3/taco.  

They were so yummy, I wish I could eat some right now!!

My dad also took us to the Venice beach canals.  I've never been to the canals.  We went at night and many of the bridges were decorate for Christmas.  It was fun to look inside the million dollar houses...for some reason many of them didn't have blinds or curtains.