Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caught Red Handed

I went to take a shower and came back only to find her right in the crime of thumb sucking.  She has figured it out and loves to put that thumb into her mouth.  Sometimes she gives that thumb a break and goes for the other one.

For Presidents Day we decided to test out her new stroller at Rock Canyon.  It was a warm 32 degrees outside.  My mom bought her these boots a while back.  Her feet are a bit small, but her legs are almost too big for them.

This is our new jogger stroller.  Neither of us really jogged in the past, but thought it would be low impact for Tyler's knee since the surgery.  I'm not sure what we were thinking about trying it up hill in the snow.

The ride was really bumpy, so I have no idea how she was able to sleep.  When we got home we looked up  shaking  baby syndrome and decided not to take her for a stroll up the canyon during the winter again.

Tyler took a pushing break to climb the wall.