Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poop Attack

I think Madison is out to get me as she peed on me yesterday and today covered me in poop as I was getting a blanket for tummy time.  The crazy part is both times the insides of her diapers were pretty clean and dry.  I'm not sure how she did it, but that is talent.  

Our bathroom sink has become the official spot for soaking her messy clothes.  It is a rare thing to find our sink empty these days.  

She really likes to read books if you get her at the right moment.  Other times she is too squirmy.

This is my pig.  Since the beginning of our marriage Tyler has known not to touch the pig unless he is fattening it up.  I always know when he has been in the pig as he forgets to put the contents back.  He use to say it was for "bus money".  Today he stole from the pig for fast offerings because he couldn't find his checkbook and people were waiting.  Not only did he managed to snag all the high bills, but he also left the pig in this usual.  Halfway in our marriage Tyler informed me that right before we got married (my stuff was at our new place) Tyler dumped all the contents out to count how much money there was while I was in LA.

Madison hanging out in her bumbo.  Usually she sits up better than this, but I couldn't get her to budge.  Sometimes she gets stuck in the bumbo when we try to take her out.

 Sunday nap.