Friday, March 8, 2013

The Thorley Babysitting Party

This week Tyler and I have taken full advantage of our babysitting opportunities.  Tyler's brother Steven watched Madison while we went to a chocolate party.  The chocolate party consisted of various chocolate (white and semi-sweet) and caramel fountains with any and everything your heart imagined to dip into the fountains.  One of my favorites turned out to actually be ruffle potato chips dipped in chocolate...who in the world came up with that?  It was a nice salty sweet taste.  On Thursday Tyler and I went to listen to the Utah Symphony.  My Aunt Ken and Uncle Steve have taken Madison in as one of their own.  Madison was in a jolly mood, which means Madison has been invited back.  Aunt Ken wants us to go out again next week for some more baby time.   

It doesn't look like she is missing her mom and dad too much in these photos.

Hanging out with Uncle Steve.