Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Year Married

Today marks 3 years married.  After our wedding we tried to go to In 'N Out for some lunch before our reception.  The line was too long, so we never got our fast food on our wedding today.  Enter the 3rd anniversary and we finally got our wedding burgers.  Romantic right?  There aren't tons of place to eat here in Heber/Midway.  You have to go to Provo or Park City and I didn't really want to drive.  Dairy Keen is supposed to be the best local cuisine, so we decided to try it out. 

They are all about trains at this place.  They had train toys for the kids, trains moving throughout the restaurant on tracks near the ceiling, a Harry Potter train, and a train to eat on outside.  Madison loved playing with the trains.

They also had a lego table to keep kids occupied.