Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lost and Found

I've been looking for some family history names (Emery and Miriam Bartlett) for months now.  The only thing I could find out about them on google was that there seemed to be no information about them anywhere.  Even other people commented on Google that it was impossible to find any information about Miriam.  Sometimes it seems a waste of time after combing through the same information over and over.  When I went home I looked through some family history books my mom has.  Nothing.  My mom was even stumped.  About 40 minutes before my flight home I asked if we could look through one of her boxes that had a family name on the outside.  This box had birth certificates, journals, a signed letter from JFK, war stuff, and a school family tree chart with Emery and Miriam.  It is the only thing we have of them, but all I needed to find them on FamilySearch.