Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kendra's Wedding

In my laziness I copied the following pictures and notes from my sister's blog.  I didn't take any pictures as my hands were full.  Clark and I made the trip.  The flight over was great.  Sleeping there wasn't the night I was up until 3:30 with Clark .  Then he puked all over me and we ended up sharing a couch for the next few hours (I did have a bedroom with a bed there).  

The night before the wedding there was a big dinner for the two families.  Evan was tired and overstimulated he hit his breaking point. He cried so hard he threw up all over the car in the two blocks it took us to drive home from my parents house. I came home cleaned him up and put him to bed at 5:30 pm. He and  I stayed home. Everyone else had a great time at the dinner.

Our neighbor was going to babysit the kids for us while we were inside the temple sealing.  About ten  minutes before we  were to leave she passed out and we had to improvise. Stuff comes up's part of life. 

Trying to stay out of trouble.


We are so happy for them!

Made it to 38 weeks....almost done being pregnant. 

Someone is getting the look from my mom...haha!

Making friends.

We terribly missed Gillian who is down in Nicaragua finishing the last bit of her mission.

The reception was up at the UCLA institute building.

Already burned out. We stopped off at the reception before it started to get lunch and cake. Then it was time to go. After an hour of being on my feet I get terrible swelling and am very uncomfortable so I knew we weren't  going to last long.
Another great face from my mother!