Monday, July 27, 2015

Baltimore--A New Adventure

There is a YMCA park a few blocks from our house.  It is nice and convenient, and Madison enjoys it plenty with her "friends" which are really just random little kids that happen to be there at the same time as her.  I wish there were more shade and somewhere to sit while I watch her.

 Madison was great at helping dad plant the garden on my birthday.

Our new temple.  It is quite large as you can tell.  It is nice to have a visitor center to keep Madison busy while one of us is inside.

 Eating the green beans left over from dinner.

 Eating legit Thai curry.  Our bishopric counselor from Midway bought all the ingredients (except chicken/produce).  We even bought a Thai basil plant to have it as authentic as possible.  I really liked it.  Tyler thought it was okay until he remembered the fish oil in it.  After that the rest was mine!

A Sunday walk in the the neighborhood.

 It's nice she knows how to "say cheese" and smiles for us instead of the scrunched up face look.

 We bought her a pool.  Unfortunately we don't have a hose, so it has to be filled up with a bucket.  We only put in a few inches of water and then use that water to water the garden in the evenings.

 This is Rodgers Forge toddler park.  It makes the list for one of the best parks in Baltimore and it is my favorite of all I've been to.  There is plenty of shade and benches, you can see your child from every direction, and many different options.  There is the play ground, the sand area, and then some bark with swings/bouncy things, ect.  It is about 15 minutes from our house.  I enjoy taking Madison here after dinner when Tyler brings the car home from work.