Monday, July 27, 2015

Pennsylvania and Valley Forge

Tyler had to go up to Pennsylvania for a week of work.  His work paid for a hotel at the Hilton and gave us a food stipend.  Madison and I decided to join him for the week,  Madison loved the hotel pool and I took her every day.  I think I would have loved it also if it were a few degrees warmer.  Tyler took her twice in the evening.  On a side note, my swim suit is getting a little small with such a large stomach.  We could have had the car each day, but we were in a small town that didn't have much for us to do unless we wanted to go shopping every day.  With our income, shopping every day doesn't seem too wise.  I was ready to go home after living in a hotel for a week.  We did go to Valley Forge.  One of Tyler's friends from BYU (John Demos) lived 15 minutes from our hotel and took us there.  There isn't much there to see, but it still seemed like we should go.  Beautiful place.  We went later in the evening, so the buildings were closed, but it was still nice to be able to walk around.  I took some pictures of information about Valley Forge--easier to post than write myself.

Too bad the Hilton didn't give us breakfast.  Waffle maker to the rescue.  Eggs and bacon on the first day.  This is probably my favorite new way to cook bacon, except our hotel room smelled like bacon for the week.  The eggs were ehh.

 Most days we made waffles with fruit.  Tyler ate cereal because he didn't wake up early enough for breakfast.

Swimming time

It was a bit chilly for Tyler also.

 Washing daddy's hair


 George Washington's headquarters.

The men's barracks

Madison gets along really well with Isaac, who is John's oldest kid.