Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday

Nothing like a little bump on the forehead right before bedtime.  Something happened on the stairs, but I don't know what because I was cleaning the kitchen.

Clark is very content to sit and cut paper for a long time.

This year I have finally gotten around to looking up Easter week activities for the kids.  I've wanted to do it in the past, but have never been on top of it.  I finally found a website to follow (  Every day for a week we review what Christ did in his final hours on the Earth.  Today was palm Sunday, so Madison cut out leaves from construction paper.  Then we read some scriptures, watched the Bible video and finally acted it out.  Our donkey was a smart one as I had to take a book away to get him to move.  The kids had a blast.

Clark was very excited to shout "Hosanna".  The donkey apprently had a hard workout yesterday and was a little sore and slow moving today.

It snowed a few times this week.  We had to go out.  My kids love the snow.  I had to wear Tyler's jacket because I couldn't get mine zipped up.  Clark was so tired he almost fell asleep on the couch right as we were heading out.  He perked up a bit once outside.  We walked for a few blocks to the YMCA where they have a huge hill for sledding.  We weren't the only ones there.  The kids had a blast.  Madison and Clark wanted to stay, but after an hour and half I was tired and ready to go home.  Tyler stayed and did school work.  Afterwards we made some chocolate chip cookies.  Tried this one for the first time and liked them a lot!  Best straight out of the oven.  Don't overcook.  Mel has a ton of great recipes!

Clark gave himself a hair cut.  I never thought I would cry again after Madison's tramatizing hair cutting experience, but I couldn't help the tears when Tyler took a #1 attachemnt on the clippers to his sides.  I personally am not a fan of buzzing my boys hair.