Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly smatterings

This week has been exhausting.  In all honestly, I'm glad it is over.  It all started last Sunday when Madison complained about her side hurting.  Tyler was very confident that she was constipated (he had experienced this as a child) and so we did nothing.  Monday morning she was in more pain and had a fever and was shivering.  Lucky for us, our thermometer didn't work as the batteries were low.  I tried using our meat thermometer from the kitchen, but her temperature was so low on that she would have not been alive.  Luckily we were able to get into the pediatrician that afternoon.  It's always a question..should we go, should we not?  Of course Madison hasn't touched her deductible at all this past year (ours restarts in August), which makes it that much painful knowing we would be paying the majority of the bill instead of a 20% copay.  Fortunately for us, our deductible is only $250!  Upon arrival we find out her temperature is 104 and she has a kidney infection.  I have no idea how she could have gotten a kidney infection.  It took about 3 days to break the fever.  They put her on amoxicillin, and then switched it to something stronger after cultivating her bacterial a little longer.  This new medicine would cost us $80 without insurance, and only $15 with insurance.  I really like our insurance actually.  Most medicines at a max cost us a $15 copay and generic is even cheaper.  The only thing I can think of that has cost us more were Clark's epi pens.  I think we paid $50 and insurance paid the other $600. 

Tyler was also sick for a few days.  I think he just had a cold, but he is a little weird because he also gets feverish with colds.  I'm not sure I know anyone else that gets a fever with a cold.  Maybe it was the flu, but I doubt that has happened in the past.  With Tyler out with Nyquil at night that left me to fend for the kids by myself.  Tuesday night I think I only got up 5 times or so.  We are training Clark to sleep in his bed, so he isn't in ours.  He gets a gummy worm in the morning if he sleeps in his bed.  The only problem is I end up sleeping in a toddler bed part of my night and that seems even worse than letting him sleep in our bed (He feels the need to sleep on my pillow right up on my neck and he kicks.)!  At least I can stretch my legs out in my own bed.  I was in Clarks bed at 3 am Wednesday morning and couldn't fall back asleep once I returned to my room.  I got up at 5 and Clark woke up at 6:30.  By 7:30 I was so tired I woke Tyler up so I could take a nap...I slept right through my dentist appoitnment.  That was embarrassing--although I'm sure I would have missed it anyways as I for some reason thought it was Friday and double booked myself with another doctor visit for Madison a short while after my dentist appointment.

This morning Clark came into my room to gather me for his bed--"Mom sleep in bed."  These gummy worms are very motivating to him to stay out of my bed.  He is so smart he has found a way to work around it and still share a blanket with me.  He doesn't want Tyler in his bed.  Clark adores Tyler during the day, but doesn't want anything to do with him at night.  If I send Tyler in at night to help I hear a louder cry with Clark saying "no, go away" to Tyler.  I think I might add a gummy bear if he sleeps in his bed without me.  When he wakes up in the morning he comes into our room and says, "Sleep in big boy bed. Get gummy worm."  I gladly give it to him.  He has been cutting his 2 year molars, along with some congestion at night, and been pretty scratchy at times from his exczema.  Hopefully all these will resolve soon (his molars come in so slowly!) so he can sleep through the night. 

Tyler taught Madison how to ride a bike yesterday.  She caught on pretty quickly and is very pleased with herself.     

We had to make a short stop at the zoo this week to pet the goats and visit the farm animals.  I was cold, but my kids didn't seem to care.  They did run around more and had a jolly good time.