Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Week

Another week is in the past.  Let's talk plants for a moment.  5-6 weeks ago we planted our seeds for our garden.  It's been really cold this winter.  I had a handful of tomato plants that were doing pretty well, but they weren't taking in enough phosphorus.  They needed a bit more heat to absorb it.  So I decided to warm my tomato plants up a bit in the oven.  Bad idea--they died.  So now I am on round two with my plants and am feeling behind.  Hopefully we will have enough when the time comes to plant them.

The kids (basically Madison) wanted to go to the ward Easter egg hunt (essentially a bunch of moms getting together to hide some eggs).  Unfortunately, I had an endodontist followup and so they had to miss it.  We hid some eggs for them Saturday morning.  Clark was up early, so he and I filled the eggs together and then I sent him upstairs while I hid them.  I was smart enough this year to do what my mom did and gave the kids certain color eggs--that way Madison didn't dominate and take all the eggs.  I'm glad we didn't go to the ward hunt because my kids have been living off sugar this weekend and I'm tired of being asked for another jelly bean.  Tyler and I even heard Clark coming up the stairs from the basement saying "I want more sugar."

Getting some hints for his last few eggs.

Yep my kids got chocolate bunnies this year.  I might have gotten them on clearance last year for $0.17 each (I still had the receipt.)

Clark hiding some chocolate bars for Tyler.  Notice his hair cut from last week?  That was the best Tyler could do as Clark wouldn't hold still for him.  It has bothered me everytime I see it--it is a bit wonky on the top.  

After the huntit as time to give Tyler a haircut.  When we were done with Tyler I buzzed Clarks even shorter.  It's still not the same length (1 on bottom and 3 on top), but it looks much better.  In a few weeks I will probably take a #3 clippers to his head again to even it up.

Notice Clarks much improved haircut (and Tylers).  Time to dye some eggs.

It's a good thing Clark enjoys eating eggs so much.  Otherwise I'm not sure what we would do with so many hard boiled eggs.

A bean and cheese quesadilla while conference started.

I love this picture even though it is a bit blurry. Clark was so excited to raise his hand and sustain President Nelson during the soloemn assembly.  He kept asking when it was his turn to stand.

This week Port Discovery had a bunch of stem (science technology english math) activities for the kids for spring break.  We helped add a few ballons to this water molecule.

You were suppose to make molecules out of hoola hoops, but my kids wanted to play with them instead.

Clark wanted to join in on the fun.