Sunday, December 14, 2014

Craft Season

Tyler and I have been working on various crafts theses past few months.  We are still working on our advent calendar.  We started it last year.  Maybe we will get it all done this year for next year.  We still need a back, top, and some touch ups.

A little hard to see everything, but this is my Jesus Christ sign.  I'm pretty pleased with it and it sits on our game table in the living room.

Madison likes to paint and cut paper.  We decided to make reindeer for Christmas.

Madison was especially excited when I painted her feet.

Madison's big girl bed. We have had it since her birthday, but only recently finished it up.  I got the bed for free and then sanded it down and repainted it.  Tyler also cut the posts a bit smaller and angled them for me.  Then I made her duvet cover out of king size sheets I bought from Kohls for $25.  I really wanted gray, but couldn't find any I liked.  Next I want to make her a ruffled curtain for the room.

The first night in the bed Madison kept getting up and out of bed.  I was wondering if we should have kept her in the crib.  However, she actually stays in bed at night and during her naps.

Here are my nativity puppets.  My inspiration was from Claudia Snyder last year.  I have an angel also, but it is in the car and I am too lazy to get it for the photo.  These took forever to make as I made 5 sets of them.  I sewed most of everything by hand, which is probably why it took so long.  Some look better than others as there was a learning curve on each one.

My angels were looking pretty bad in the beginning.  Some had to be redone two or three times just to look mediocre.  They belonged on a pintrest gone bad website.  I don't love the angels too much, but at least they don't look like colonial men anymore...for the most part.