Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Break

I took Madison to the library for story time.  The librarian turned into Ruby the Red Nose Reindeer.

She has Santa's potion that tells us if the kids are naughty or nice.  If you are on the nice list the bubbles won't pop.

Madison is on the nice list...she really liked the bubbles.

Walking around temple square while Tyler went in for a session.

She liked looking at the nativity outside.  However, I think her favorite part of Temple Square was visiting the "Big Jesus".

She wanted to keep her baby warm.

We picked Tyler's brother Jacob up at the airport and then went back to Temple Square to see the lights.

Madison's new best friend.  Jacob admitted that he got sick of reading books to Madison.  I can't blame him.

He even showed her some magic tricks.  She kept wanting more.  Madison wasn't duped--when the card disappeared she grabbed his hand and found it.

Madison really didn't want to go to bed.  She thought it would be more fun to play catch with a dirty diaper.

A message from Madison.