Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring is in the air

My spring wreath I made.  It looks better in a picture than in real life.  I could use another thing of leaves, but am too cheap right now to buy them. My mom gave me the A for Christmas years ago and its been sitting waiting to be used.

Time for some sun glasses.

I took this for Madison out of our car while Tyler and I were headed to the temple.

My favorite part of the zoo.  This is the path to the animals.  You can take a free shuttle, but I enjoy walking.

My kids finally have Easter baskets.  I waited until after Easter to get the baskets 90% off at Target for next year.

One Saturday we went to DC with some friends to visit the national gardens.  We were going to take them to the Natural History Museum, but the line was way too long.  Instead we turned around and went home.

A picture for my dad of his favorite place--the National Art Museum.  We did have to stop in for a bathroom trip for Madison.  Naturally there is art on the bathroom walls.

At the tulip park by our house.  Most of the tulips were gone, but you can come at the end of May and dig up the bulbs for 30 cents a piece.  They have some really cool tulips.

On our way to another park.  We almost didn't make it to the playground because Madison and Clark wanted to sit and pick all the flowers.  I will say that it is super green out east.  I love it!