Sunday, May 7, 2017

Elephant Toothpaste

 I found this science experiment on pintrest for elephant toothpaste.  It is hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap in a bottle.  Then you mix water with yeast and pour the water mixture into the bottle and foam/bubbles come up and out.  I had every thing on hand and we did it a couple of times.  Then they played with the bubbles.  We tried some food coloring in some, but we only had the gel food coloring, so it didn't work as well (found some of the other food coloring on clearance at Aldi, so we picked up a few of those).  We also put some eggs in vinegar for the kids to watch.  Clark broke one after the shell was gone by squeezing it too hard.  Today we tried one thing where you put drops of food coloring (not the gel ones) in a tray of whole milk (we found some gallon milk for $1, so I dont mind using it for crafts).  Then you dip a q-tip in dish soap and touch the milk and it does cools things with the dye.  The only problem was it didn't last long before Madison mixed all the colors together and made a gross brown color.