Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dentist Visit

This week Madison, Clark, and I all had dentist appointments.

No cavities for anyone.  Woot woot.  I went to drop the kids off at the house of someone in my ward for my appointment only to find out they forgot and weren't home.  I had to call someone one on the spot to see if they could watch my kids, which I was fortunate I could pull off.

The waiting room for the pediatric dental office has all sorts of cool and fun things for kids to do.  There are even three full size arcade games.  Madison really likes the boat.

6 months ago the dentist told Madison they had a surprise for her if she stopped sucking her thumb.  He asked if she would stop and Madison flat out told the dentist she would not stop sucking her thumb.  I didn't bring it up, but two months before we dentist appointment she decided to stop because she wanted her reward.  She kept asking me if she thought they would give her a doll.  I tried to keep the expectations low.  We they in fact gave her a Madeline doll for stopping! I was completely surprised.