Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Madison

Four years old...where did the time go?  Madison reminds me of my sister Gillian in part.  She seems to have a killer memory like Gillian also.  For her birthday we went to a pumpkin patch.  They had a huge hill where you slide down on potato sacks.  That was her favorite thing to do.  We also went on a tractor ride, Madison went on a little train ride, did a corn maze, and went through a haunted house. We finally left when it was discovered she had an accident.  She frosted her own cake (oreo cake) and couldn't wait to open up her gifts.  We gave her a baby carrier, some friends over gave her kinetic sand, Tyler's parents gave her a dress, and my mom sent her a Cinderella dress with shoes and a crown. I think its safe to say she had a lot of fun on her birthday.  We still couldn't get Clark to eat any cake.  He threw it over the side of his high chair, just like with his own cake.  He did eat some ice cream.