Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Camera Dump

The hunt continues.  Currently there are no mice in our place. It only took plenty of traps from us and pest control to come out four or five times to get rid of them. 

Mormon night at the Orioles game.

A friend of ours took us to a children's museum here in Baltimore.  It would have cost me $40 to take Madison, luckily we got in for free since our friend had a pass.  It did cost us $20 for parking.  They had different rooms with various hands on activities.  Madison really liked the water room.  We left after she had an accident.  I was lucky to have some clean panties in my purse for her and she had a skirt on that didn't get wet.

Playing with legos

Madison preparing food at the diners.

 Hoarding the bowls.

Another friend took us to the B&O train museum.  

 At a friends house watching the first BYU football game.

Our advent's only taken us since living in Logan to finish making this.  I was determined to finish it before Clark was born.  I'm super pleased with how it turned out.

 Madison putting her baby to bed.

Sweet potato tacos.  Something new for dinner and I really enjoyed them.

 I let Madison have one of my old backpacks. 

Chicken alfredo zucchini boats.