Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best Friends (Camera Dump)

Madison and Clark and best friends...

Well..sometimes.  This is when she bounced him so hard that we took him to the ER.  Here he is getting his ultrasound.  Then we went and got an MRI.  The MRI machine was pretty crazy--I had a key on string that went to all my belongings in a locker and the MRI was pulling that key straight into the machine.  It was flying midair. 

The first decorations in Madison's room.  The stack of circles I cut out on the left was only half the circles I used on the big lantern.

These two share some of the same interests.

They like to hang out together.

The day they became roommates.  Even better, Clark seems to be sleeping through the night.

Sad I know...the only picture we have of Christmas.

Bath time.  He really enjoyed it.  Usually he gets a shower,which he loves.  By usually, I really mean every once in a blue moon.  He should probably shower/bath more, but his skin has been so dry I don't want to make it worse.

This 6 month outfit from Christmas fits him perfectly.  More than anything, I love how this pictures shows his tummy in its true form--round and large.