Friday, September 12, 2014

Deer, Tea And Ward Parties

This past week we have had a herd of deer hanging out in our backyard.  There are five total, and we have had all five at the same time.

It's been cold in our house--in the 60's.  Madison wouldn't take the hat off.  

She found her green kitchen chair in the garage and wanted it back on the table.  I wasn't sure she would sit in it again, but we spend lots of time in it these days.

It seems that there is always hair in her face.

Madison loves her baby!  "Baby" is her favorite word these days.  She loves to feed her baby and give her drinks from her tea set.  She will even read to her baby.

We have lots of tea parties at our place.

Just hanging out for a few hours in the back.  Can you see both of them?

Our brownies for the ward party...unfortunately they fell on our sticky floor minutes before leaving.  I guess we will have to eat the whole pan now.

 Madison thinks it is the opportune time to push the chair to the counters and search for left over potty treats (I usually give her 1/3 to 1/2 of a starburst when she goes potty in the toilet) when someone else is in the bathroom.  Maybe she thinks she deserves a treat when anyone goes potty.

We went to our ward party.  They had 5-6 bounce houses for the kids and lots of other things for kids to do.  It was Tyler's turn to take Madison down the slide since I went down the slide with Madison at the last party,

Baby goats to pet.  I thought they were so cute!

Most poeple who looked at Madison commented on her beautiful eyes...We hear that where ever we go.

It's not really a ward party until there are pony rides for the kids!

This was the backyard.  You can't see it, but they had an awesome water feature and a bon fire going.