Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring in Smithfield

Logan had a their semi-annual Divy Up in April.  It is pretty much one large community garage sale.  However, the founder gets a nice little commission for everything that is sold.  Volunteers who help run it get to shop before the public, so I signed up to help set up.  Tyler and I were able to pick up a few outfits for Madison, including a Christmas dress.  Madison seems to always be running out of clothes to wear.  We spent about $60 and even picked her up a toy stroller.  

We bought a couple more play dresses, but I don't know where the picture went.

Outfit sets



 Happy to have more clothes to get dirty.

We paid $5 for a jean jacket for her, which I think was $5 too much.  I really didn't want to get it, but Tyler begged to have it--he wants a matching outfit picture with Madison.  I often think of giving Tyler's jacket to D.I.

Our neighbor Alivia had a birthday party and Madison had fun jumping in the baby bounce house.

They also had a bouncy jumbo slide which Madison is looking at.  I took Madison down the slide a couple of times.  She had a blast each time.  She kept wanting to go, but I was sick of waiting in line with a bunch of 4-6 year olds cutting Madison off in the line.

We went to Richond's Black and White Festival and watched the horses.

Driving back to Smithfield from Richmond--so green.

Tyler's colleague invited us to a bbq in Logan canyon.  Madison wanted to visit the river. 

Eating some fruit after church.

Going for a walk.  All of her shoes have been giving her blisters because she has such wide feet.  We let her go to church without shoes.

 Going for a walk.  She likes to throw her teddy bear out of the stroller and walk away.

We found this awesome park for Madison north of the Logan temple.

There is a toddler section and one for the bigger kids.

Alivia (neighbor) loves to hang out with Madison.  She comes over every morning to see if Madison can play...sometimes at 8 a.m.  On this occasion Alivia was eating breakfast outside.  She went inside for a minute.  I was talking to another neighbor when I heard Alivia start to cry.  I turned around and saw Madison eating Alivia's breakfast.  We just let Madison keep the bowl and Alivia's mother brought out another bowl of breakfast. 

Tyler is building a blanket crate for me out of an old pallet he found in a field.

Staining the wood.

My container garden.  The three hanging planters are tomatoes.  I built the tomato frame out of clearance wood from Home Depot for $1.80 and painted it with some free paint I received from Lowes.

We also planted strawberries, watermelon, kale, broccoli, squash, bell plant, basil, and zuchinni.

Enjoying the weather outside with some root beer milk.

Eating a home made popsicle after church.


Helping daddy help our neighbor.