Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Months and Growing

Here are a few pictures from this last month that we thought you would all enjoy.  We appear in some of them, but we're realists.  We know what our public wants.  And so we present to you what a month with Madison Ames is like.

She absolutely loves her toys.  Lauren's sister, Jeni, was so nice to give us some of her old toys and M can't get enough of them.  The hair in the picture above was just after a swim.

She loves to drag this dinosaur around.

Madison mistakenly thought that if she acted happy that she could push back her bed-time.  Too bad for her we are pretty firm with her bed-time.

This was one more attempt to shmooze her way into a late night.

She wasn't as happy once we turned the camera off and put her into her crib.

10 months on this day.

Going to church

"Hey you over there! Wanna buy a pink ball?"

When we take her for a ride in the stroller she likes to ride in luxury.  She only has one foot up here but normally she throws both up to create an extremely posh experience.

She loves to swim!

We went camping over labor day weekend and the mosquitoes were thick!

We stopped at city creek on our way home from camping and ate lunch with Shawn Poor.  Madison really enjoyed herself on this water feature until the security guard came and told us that everybody, crawling babies included, had to have shoes to be on the pad--in case they slipped.  I'll decline to comment on that.

chicken alfredo

And here is Madison again, on her way back from rehab judging from the look on her face.  Lauren thinks I have a tendency to look like this in pictures.  hmm.