Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Madison's Awesome Memorial Day Dress

This is a 12 month dress, but Tyler wanted Madison to wear it for Memorial Day.  We had lots of people tell us how cute she was while out shopping.  Here she is getting ready to spit....yes, a gross habit she has picked up recently.  Beware, she can spit pretty far like a camel.

Tyler has found a better way to change her blow outs.

Eric took Tyler to a Memphis Redbird (The Cardinal's AAA affiliate) game.  Tyler had a great time.  He even got a baseball that the Redbird's 3rd base coach, Pop Warner, flipped out after the first inning.  They sat on the first row down the third base line, right behind the memphis dugout.

Tyler had the chance to talk to some of the players before the game.  This first picture is Tyler with highly touted prospect Micahel Wacha.  He was really friendly and talked with Tyler for a minute or two before moving on.  Tyler is in the stands, while Michael Wacha was on the field.  Wacha is actually 6'6"

Tyler said that during the game Wacha could be seen keeping stats for his teammates, leaning up against the rail as he paid attention to the game, even though he wasn't pitching that night, and even throwing some sun flower seeds at teammates over his shoulder.  He should be a really great clubhouse present for St. Louis, a lot like Lance Berkman was.  We are now big Wacha fans at our house!

Here is Tyler with Kolton Wong.  Again, Wong is on the field.  Wong is 5'9" and has great bat speed.  Even though he isn't known for his power, he has ocassional flashes.  He hit a home run in the first inning off of the billboard that you can see in the top right of the picture that Tyler got with him.  Tyler said that Wong had a much quieter and more reserved personality than Wacha.

Madison now flips over and sleeps on her stomach.