Sunday, April 28, 2013

Splash Party

Madison loves water.  She took a bath every night when we were in LA and screamed most nights we took her out.  We have been letting her play in our bathroom sink at home, but she gets water all over the place (plus its a bit small for her).  I found this pool on Amazon for her.  She likes to chew on the frog face.

My work gave me this Baby Cook.  It cooks and blends the food and is the perfect size for her.  We tried carrots the first night.  Madison didn't seem to like them, but it might have been a bit late in the day for her.  Most of the carrots seemed to end up hiding in her chin.

She is doing much better with her rice cereal these days.

On Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point to see their tulip festival.  There are over 100,000 flowers and all sorts of varieties.

Check out her thighs!

Going to church. As you can tell, she drools allot.

Food-yum yum.  Not sure why the video is turned.  Tyler couldn't get the food in fast enough!