Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 Months and Growing



This seems to be a common look on her face.




Today Madison is 3 months old.  How quickly time flies!  She is just a few ounces short of doubling her birth weight and weighs 14 lbs 6 oz.  Madison has quickly jumped from the 40th to the 92nd percentile in weight.  Boy does she like to eat.  We now have to lift up her chin rolls to wash the gunk out during bath time.  She is fitting into 6 month old clothes. I think we skipped the 3 month clothes for the most part as her neck is quite big.  She smiles on occasion while she is awake, but most often when she is eating (food must make her really happy) and when she is asleep.  She also laughs in her sleep and is starting to coo and talk back.  Her hair has thinned quite a bit and now wears headbands more than previously.