Saturday, December 29, 2012

Madison's Blessing


We blessed Madison at the Ame's house in Idaho Falls.  I was going to put her in my baby blessing dress, but it wasn't very flattering as she looked like a pioneer baby.  Also, her neck was a bit big for the dress while the bloomers were huge on her.  Good thing I brought a spare dress.  Instead she wore a dress someone made for me when I was a baby.  We were lucky that one fit, or else she would have been blessed in her diaper and headband.  The plan was to bless Madison today and have Richard and Camille's baby girl, Hazel, blessed tomorrow in Pocatello.  This way my parents would only have to make one trip for two blessings.  Unfortunately Hazel's blessing had to be postponed for a while.  Tyler pronounced the blessing on Madison.  My dad taped it, so we have a recording on our computer.  I have a copy of my setting apart as a missionary thanks to my dad also taping that.  I'm sure Madison will love to read her blessing in the future.  After the blessing we ate a delicious dinner, which Lynn made--lasagna (from scratch), salad, garlic bread, and this apple dessert.  Then everyone chatted for a while.  Apparently Jackson stole the hearts of all my sisters and my family spent the whole drive to Pocatello talking about Jackson's bucket list. 

Uncle Jacob loves his pictures with the nieces and nephews.  Guy just got a soft heart, I guess.