Sunday, March 20, 2016

National Aquarium

On Friday we went to the National Aquarium here in Baltimore. Madison and I had been before (invited by friends who had a membership and could get us in for free), but Tyler hadn't.  I really wanted Tyler to come and see the place, but wasn't sure that would ever happen because it would have cost us over $100 for tickets for the three of us.  Luckily one day in passing at the library I saw a sign that said kids could get 4 free tickets to the aquarium if they read 5 books about aquatics.  I was quick to read Madison her five books, so we got in for free.  We only had to pay $15 for parking, which was the discounted price for people visiting the aquarium.  

A few sharks.  There is a place where the lights are darkened with eerie music where sharks swim around you.  That was fun.

Touch zone.

Madison and Tyler touched the jellyfish.

This octopus is pretty intelligent.  They put jars and toys in for the octopus to open.

Tyler's first time seeing a sea horse.

The aquarium is located on the harbor.

A little break while I had to feed Clark.  There weren't many option for feeding least this spot was semi-dark.


My favorite part--jelly fish.  I find them so fascinating.